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Subscribers, What Are They Exactly?

A subscriber on YouTube is simply someone that's subscribed to your channel. This means that they will see your channel in their subscription feeds whenever you choose to upload a video, and in theory means you have a reliable viewer for every video you make. Unfortunately, this isn't always true. There's a lot of complications in this relationship between creator and subscriber, and we're going to dive into that right now.

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Live Subscriber Counts from YouTube

On YouTube, subscribers are often considered a mark of your success. Getting insight into your live subscriber count is something all creators want. Just like a high score in a video game, or high numbers in your bank account, subscribers are intended to show a tangible sign of a content creator's reach and their progress as a YouTuber. In a perfect world, this is how the YouTube sub count would work:

  • All of your subscribers would be real, active viewers who are invested in your content.
  • Your subscribers would see all of your videos in their subscription feed as you release them.
  • Your YouTube sub count would be an accurate reflection of people who meet the criteria above.
  • You could monitor your live sub count in real time, watching as you gain more subscribers during promotions, and even show the live sub counter during live streams, encouraging viewers to sub your channel.